More than Meets the Eye

Thatcher is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise! From big game hunting to a quiet afternoon fishing at the lake, we’ve got you covered. But there’s more than meets the eye! Perhaps your taste is theater arts? Then Eastern Arizona College’s Lee Little Theater is just the ticket. From cowboy poetry to drama and music, the three performing arts centers in the valley fit the bill. For the athletically inclined, there are several fully equipped gyms within moments of town center. If golf is your game, the regional 18-hole public course is less than 2 miles from town hall. Archery, paintball, and all motorsports are available year-round. Not to be missed is nearby Mt. Graham: Towering over 10,000 feet in elevation, it's one of Arizona’s finest ‘sky-islands’ and provides an incredible venue for many outdoor activities. The Town of Thatcher maintains its commitment to the environment with its state-of-the-art wastewater facility, which has become a major attraction among bird watchers nationwide. Due to its proximity to the Sky Island of Mt. Graham, the facility is on the annual migratory route of hundreds of different species.

Moving the Goods

Moving the goods is remarkably easy whether you elect to use air, rail, or highway—it’s at your fingertips in Thatcher. There are key sites with direct rail access to the mainline of the Arizona Eastern Railroad. This shortline ties the copper-rich mining regions of Arizona to the Union Pacific transcontinental line just 38 miles to the south. Excellent truck service is also available linking Thatcher with the major markets of Southern California and Dallas/Ft. Worth—all with 24-hour delivery. Phoenix is 2.5 hours to the west via U.S. 70. Well paved U.S. 191 links the region with I-10 a short 40 minutes to the south. Via I-10, Thatcher is linked to both the east and west coasts. Only 10 miles from town hall is the jet-capable Safford Regional Airport. Services include fuel, avionics installation and service, airframe and power-plant maintenance, as well as aircraft rental and charter. The airport is 74 nautical miles northeast of Tucson International Airport and 124 nautical miles southeast of Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.

​​​​​Thatcher has some real advantages if you compare tax rates, sewer rates, garbage rates, electric rates, building permit fees, and ease of getting any type of permit. Our rates are the lowest and it's easier and simpler to do business in Thatcher!

Unqualified Success

Thatcher’s no-nonsense staff is ready to become your partner in making your location into our town an unqualified success. Often, decisions can be secured within hours and many permits can be obtained in less than 10 working days from application. The town is well equipped to handle the horizontal development needs of most any size project. Electric and gas installations are charged based on actual costs as project specifications indicate (with no add-ons). There's a flat initial connection fee for sewer hookup and a per-unit charge thereafter. The Thatcher wastewater facility currently operates at about 50% capacity and rates are among the lowest in the state. Thatcher provides electric service within town limits through its interconnection with the Graham County Electric Cooperative and rates are among the lowest in Arizona.


A Growing and vibrant economic region

Located in the heart of the Gila River Valley, Thatcher is the geographic center of a growing and vibrant economic region. Combining location and transportation access, Thatcher boasts some of the best business sites in Graham County. Within the Thatcher retail zone (3-mile radius from the intersection of U.S. Highway 70 and 20th Avenue) there are abundant land parcels and developed site out-pads to meet a variety of commercial and retail development needs. The community is home to one of the most environmentally advanced copper mines ever built. Within Thatcher town limits is the tree-lined campus of Eastern Arizona College (founded in 1888 as a private academy, EAC was the first official public community college in the state). Housing options range from affordable starter units to spectacular luxury homes. Housing in Thatcher, while developing upscale, remains significantly lower-priced than many markets in Arizona today.


Keep More of Your money

Thatcher’s tax structure will improve your economic outlook! From our low sales tax to our city property tax rate of zero, along with zero development fees, Thatcher is one of the most competitive locations in Arizona. It's our philosophy that when you keep more of your money, there’s more money that remains in the community. This idea comes from our farming heritage, turning back into the soil so that each future crop yields an even greater abundance. Thatcher is fiscally conservative: If we don’t need it, we don’t buy it. Unlike many municipalities today, Town of Thatcher historically carries no debt obligation.